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Re: greenyes-d Digest V01 #99
Gary et al,

      506 Victoria Ave., Montreal, Quebec H3Y 2R5
               Ph. (514) 369-0230, Fax (514) 369-3282
                      Vol. 5, No. 14, April 1, 2001.

The information contained in the recent posting of THE GALLON ENVIRONMENT 
LETTER to Green Yes is crucial for people in positions of power to know 
about.  Investors and those in the general public who are still in denial 
about global climate change need to be bombarded with this information, 
accompanied with encouragement for action.  With the glut of science for 
sale these days, however, it is of utmost importanct that each article be 
accompanied by author(s) name, and your funding sources.  With that 
information, and guidance on any way that the environmental community can be 
of assistance in getting these facts and analyses out in the media, I'd be 
delighted to forward these articles far and wide.
Most sincerely,
Melissa Bernardin
Boston, MA
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