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[GRRN] Information needed for design and siting a HHW facility
Greetings listers:
The City of Omaha, Nebraska is working to open a regional HHW facility.  We
are taking things very slowly and have so far avoided all NIMBYs & BANANAs.
However at the community forums we held last weeks there were several
informational questions that we feel we should address.  

- We want to produce a brochure that lists/describes/shows the design
features of the facility that will make it safe (e.g. site fencing, security
cameras, spill containment, sumps, fire suppression).  Has anyone else
written or seen a brochure like this?  Can we get a copy of the text as a

- There were questions about spills and some misunderstanding by the public
that there is primary, secondary and tertiary containment, plus on-site
staff trained to deal with the situation unlike the home where spills would
be washed down the sanitary or storm sewer.  Does anyone know of a major
incident (spill) that has happened at a permanent HHW facility?  A one day
event?  Has a spill ever breached containment?  Has a spill breached
containment with material leaving the site?

- Has anyone computed the cost factor difference between one day events and
a permanent facility.  We have heard of cost comparisons that the cost per
pound of HHW at mobile events is 10x to 100x more expensive per pound than a
permanent facility.  Confirm?  Deny?

- In siting a facility does anyone have a set of criteria standards for site

Paul Dunn
Recycling Coordinator
City of Omaha, Nebraska
402-444-3908 x226
Fax 402-444-3904
5600 S 10th St
Omaha, NE  68107-3501

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