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[GreenYes] C&D Recycling Question
In Ohio, a bill has recently been proposed which would expand the amount of
waste which could enter C&DD landfills.  The general thought behind the bill
is that manufacturers producing certain materials (e.g toilets, plumbing
fixtures, cabinets, etc.) should be able to dispose of off-spec product in a
C&DD fill rather than a MSW landfill because, to put it simply, a toilet is
a toilet whether it just rolled off the production line or is part of a
demolished house.   The bill has many skeptics, but appears to have some
momentum and likelihood of passage is good.

My question is as follows:  Many supporters of recycling are concerned about
the effect this bill could have on individual firms' willingness to recycle
certain products.  If a firm can send something to a C&DD facility for less
than it costs to recycle, recycling could be impacted.  The sponsor of the
legislation has stated he would be willing to look at including recycling
incentives for C&D material in the bill.  At this point, no one has stepped
forward with any ideas.  Does anyone have any information on any state
legislation which has attempted to incorporate recycling?

Thanks for your help,

Jeff Aluotto
Hamilton County Solid Waste
Management District

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