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[GreenYes] hawaii bottle bill
 From Hawaii.....

The container deposit bill (HB1256), as amended, sponsored by Rep. Hermina 
Morita, of Maui, passed the third reading in the Hawaii House of 
Representatives yesterday.  Only 8 of the 51 members of the House voted 
NO.  Those members voting NO were Rep.(s) Auwae, Djou, Gomes, Leong, 
McDermott, Moses, Ontai and Rath.

The bill now goes to the senate.

As we reported yesterday, the  amendment gives the beverage and grocery 
interests until July 2002 to design and implement a plan to recycle 
beverage containers and reduce beverage container litter.

The industry proposal must be as effective as the bottle bill in recovering
beverage containers for recycling AND reducing roadside litter AND it must
be approved by the state. If these conditions are not met, the bottle bill
goes into effect.

The bill is supported by the Honolulu City Recycling Coordinator and most
if not all) county recycling coordinators, the Director of the 
Environmental Quality Council and the Department of Health.

Stay tuned......

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