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[GreenYes] Fwd: Arkansas Call for Presentations 3/22

>From: "Suzanne Hirrel" <>
>To: Recycling Organization Council <>
>Subject: ARC Call for Presentations
>Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 10:56:18 -0600
>Reply-to: Recycling Organization Council <>
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>We're getting ready for the ARC Conference in Fort Smith on August 
>7-9.  This year's theme is "Frontiers In Recycling" and we're looking 
>forward to some great workshops.  Attached is the Call for 
>Presentations.  Please consider sharing your knowledge with the ARC 
>membership.  We have great recycling knowledge and we learn best from each 
>other.  Also, forward this message to anyone who might have contacts or 
>expertise from which we can learn.  Thanks.
>Susan Hill Gele'
>Suzanne Smith Hirrel
>Extension Specialist - Waste Management
>Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas
"Frontiers In Recycling"
August 7-9, 2001
Fort Smith Holiday Inn

Suggested Topics:

Recycling Special Materials
Legislative Update
Offering Recycling in Hard to Provide Service Areas
Source Reduction
Environmental Enforcement
Using Recycled Materials
Locating Recycling Grants or Loans
Mixed Plastics Recycling
Recycling System Improvements
Recycling 101
Recycling in Extreme Weather
Reuse Programs
Integrating Recycling into Solid Waste Management
Writing RFPs and Contracts
New Education Programs
Recycling With Volunteers
Personal and Staff Development
Market Development


Presenter Name                          Telephone 

Title                                           Fax 

Email Address


City, State, Zip

Provide a short (40-word maximum) summary of your proposed session that is 
accurate, concise, and engaging. It must include your objectives and 
expected outcomes. If your proposal is accepted, this summary will appear 
in the conference program.


Provide a detailed description (250-word maximum) of your proposed session. 
The description should include an explanation of the session's relevance to 
the conference theme (this text will be used exclusively by proposal 


Preferred Format
Indicate the session format most appropriate to your submission:
Presentation                   Hands-on session                 Pre 
Conference Workshop

Physical Requirements
The rooms will be set up theatre style with one table at the front, and 
will have an overhead, screen and flip chart.  If your session requires a 
special set up or additional A/V equipment, please describe below.

Applications must be received by Thursday, March 22, 2001.  Please returned 
completed forms to Susan Hill Gele', ARC Conference Workshops, 100 S. 
Broadway, Little Rock, AR  72201.  (501) 340-8792, (501) 340-8785 FAX.

The Review Process & Notification
Recycling professionals will conduct a review of each proposal.  In the 
selection process, priority will be given to proposals that extend our 
knowledge and understanding about integrated solid waste 
management.  Notices of acceptance or rejection will be mailed by the end 
of May 2001.  Session Confirmation Letters will include scheduling 
details.  Primary Presenters (as indicated in the presentation proposal) 
are responsible for notifying additional presenters about scheduling 

The following are suggested areas of interest for 
presentations.  Submissions are not limited to these topics.  Preference 
will be given to those applications providing comprehensive information on 
the selected subject.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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