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[GreenYes] alternatives to shrinkwrap
Pat Franklin at CRI suggested we contact your listserv with this query.

We are community activists here in Portland who want to encourage
alternatives to PVC-based "shrinkwrap" for applications such as wrapping
cookies, sandwiches, etc. in sales cases for display.

Currently we approach store and restaurant owners with Greenpeace
information on the problems (dioxin) caused by PVC wraps. But to be really
effective we need specific information on shrinkwrap alternatives, including
what they are, how they perform compared with PVC wraps, who sells them in
our region, and how their cost compares with that of shrinkwrap.

One alternative we need to know about is true cellophane, the traditional
kind made with cellulose only and without other plastics. Does it keep food
fresh and moist for several days, as shrinkwrap does? Is it transparent so
customers can see the foods it wraps? Is it readily available in most areas?
Who sells it to stores and restaurants, and how much does it cost compared
with shrinkwrap? We need these same questions answered with regard to other
potential alternatives to PVC wraps.

We'd like to prepare a concise one page handout with alternatives to
shrinkwrap information that we can give to restaurants, stores and others
(such as the large chef's school here in Portland) along with Greenpeace's
information on the toxicity of PVC products so store owners and
restauranteurs can readily access affordable alternatives to shrinkwrap in
our area. To this end, any and all information on shrinkwrap alternatives
will be most sincerely appreciated.

Larry Lack and Lee Ann Ward
3736 SE Caruthers
Portland, OR 97214

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