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Re: [GreenYes] EPA Proceeds with Diesel Rule

I certainly never meant to judge intent is solely to pass along whatever concrete evidence, good or bad, that comes along so that people can draw their own conclusions.  

My only position is that recyclers need to understand that these overlying political events have significant implications for recycling. Since we are pitted against competition from virgin materials and conventional disposal that are both heavily subsidized, and from packaging decisions that don't typically consider the external back end impacts, recycling can't compete in that kind of grossly distorted free market absent policy intervention from those politicians, except for in a few niche corners.
    Certainly neither party has a monopoly on good or bad activities.  Our job in my view is to respond to both parties objectively on the merits as their actions affect us.


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Dang it, Peter. You told the Bush gang was going to be bad environmental 
palyers. Now they are going to start to ruin your reputation if they keep 
this up, pal!

Dr. Paul Cato
Atlanta, Georgia

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