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RE: [GreenYes] Recycling Software Packages
Informative site:

COMPUTERS: A guidebook describing the
environmental attributes of computers has been
published by the Northwest Product Stewardship Council

The council (above) also is working with original
equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and large-
scale corporate buyers to build demand for
“green” computers.

Programs are getting underway to take
back old computers for either reuse or
appropriate disposal.  Here’s a list of some
recently initiated programs:

King County Solid Waste Division’s Computer
Recovery Project: A network of computer
repair and resale shops, local nonprofit groups,
computer retailers and government agencies
has teamed up to offer locations for donating,
upgrading or recycling used computer
equipment.  Find out more at

FreeGeek: In the Portland area, this non-profit
organization accepts working and non-working
equipment for reuse and/or recycling.
Find out more at

IBM PC Recycling Service: Consumers and
small businesses can recycle any manufacturer’s
PCs and peripherals. Cost per system is $29.99,
which includes shipping. Call 1-888-SHOP-IBM
or visit

Gateway, Inc. Rebate Program: This computer
manufacturer offers up to $50 for people who
donate or recycle their old computers after they
buy a new one from Gateway. Learn more about
the program at

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From: Muna Lakhani []
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 2:46 AM
To: Kevin Berry
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Recycling Software Packages

Kevin Berry wrote:
> Greenyesers,
> Mark Bolton with Canon is looking for someone to recycle about 15
> truckloads of complete software packages (carton, manual, CD
> rom, and jewel case).  The software packages are located at
> Canon's Memphis, TN warehouse.
> If you know of a company that will accept the packages "as is" and
> recycle all the components, please contact Mark at

seems such a waste - could there not be a link up with USAID
organisations that send old but working computers to underprivileged
countries? why waste the usefulness of the software....


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