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[GreenYes] EPA Proceeds with Diesel Rule

EPA will enforce diesel regulations
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration will enforce rather than challenge rules issued in the waning days of the Clinton presidency that go after diesel trucks and buses as a source of dirty air, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Whitman said Wednesday. The regulations require new diesel fuel formulations and cleaner engines to reduce tailpipe pollutants over the next decade. The goal is to prevent as many as 8,300 premature deaths and 17,600 cases of acute bronchitis in children each year. The EPA has estimated that the new rules, when fully in effect, each year will eliminate 2.6 million tons of smog-causing chemicals and 110,000 tons of soot from heavy-duty trucks and buses. Whitman had said during her confirmation hearings in January that she would take a look at the regulations that were issued Dec. 21. The rules were opposed by many Republicans in Congress and the petroleum and trucking industries, both large donors in last year's political races.  
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