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RE: Sustainable Design
You might want to try contacting folks who affiliated with O2, a loosely
defined global network of product designers concerned with environmental
design. One way to link up with that group is through their web site

Here, in NYC, the Pratt and Parsons' Schools of Design have new classes on
green product design this semester.  If you have any resources that you'd
like to suggest, I'd be happy to pass them on to the professors.

Patrick Barnhart
Research Associate
Inform, Inc.
120 Wall Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10005
212-361-2400 xt. 224

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:29:59 -0500
From: "Elizabeth Berry" <>
To: <>

I have a friend in Israel who has asked me to send him information on =
sustainable design - he designs furniture, household items, and works =
with a wide range of materials - glass, metal etc.   Because there's =
almost no large-scale recycling in Israel, he's looking at how other =
countries, private companies etc. have used recycled materials to make =
new things.  He's interested in creating motivation and incentive for =
people to recycle - for example, if he can say - this chair was made =
from 500 cans (or other recycled material).  Does anyone know of any =
innovative work that links modern design with environmental concerns? =20

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