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[GreenYes] why people recycle-Qstn
Hi All,
A few months ago one of you put a message looking for literature on this- could that person please post the main reasons why people recycle - maybe just 6 points , thats all.
Our Group is about to design a reduce/reuse/recycle your waste handbook for householders in our city. (We got some E.U. funding.) We are trying to come up with an eyecatching front page, and if we knew why people recycle it might inspire us ! (Do we appeal to the pocket , or some higher sense ?!)
If any of you have some ideas for the front cover that would encourage someone to read the pamphlet, PLEASE let me know !!!!!!
a flumoxed member of the editorial team.......
Organisation for Ecologically Sustainable Waste Management (or the 'Waste Study Group' if you can't manage that)
Rathpatrick, Slieverue, via Waterford, Ireland.

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