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RE: [GreenYes] Environment and the Vote
Title: RE: [GreenYes] Environment and the Vote

I agree Ann and I'd take it one further.

I think that those who lack support for the environment are similar to those who lack support for human rights.  They both seem to boil down to the same thing (general speaking) - a lack of responsibility.

The person who is using abortion as a form of birth control commits a grave human rights injustice due to the lack of responsibility (I'm sure I'll get flamed for that one).  The person who throws batteries in the garbage, pours used oil onto the ground, etc. commits a grave environmental injustice due to the lack of responsibility.

Both injustices result from a lack of education, deliberate misinformation, and a general attitude of decline in personal resonsibility.  And it's frightening because they're so intimately connected.  What's the 'sense' in a world w/ human rights in a world that isn't capable of supporting them.  And what's the 'sense' in a world w/ a perfect environment in a world that has no human rights?


-----Original Message-----
From: Ann Schneider []
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 3:51 PM
To: multiple recipients of
Subject: [GreenYes] Environment and the Vote

Dear GRRN Members:

It is impossible to separate the rights of people from
the rights of the environment, and our duty to protect the
environment requires us to weigh in on human
injustices as well.  If we cannot guarantee that building
grass roots support for environmental protection will
actually translate into success at the ballot box, through
voting on issues and candidates which support our values,
then democracy is meaningless, and the public education
we all undertake to encourage people to reduce waste can
be sabotaged at any point in the process. 

Below is information about activities to express concerns
over the voting process.   Feel free to forward this to your
friends, family and other listserves.

My Mom and I got a great flight out from San Francisco to
Baltimore so we can participate in our first civil rights
activity.   Look for me at Dupont Circle and I hope you can
make it.    - - - Sincerely, Ann Schneider

Counter Inauguration Voter March
10:00 am to 4:00 pm on January 20, 2001
Washington DC

Voter March is the Sponsor of the Inaugural Voter March,, in Washington, DC on Saturday,
Jan. 20, 2001, for voter rights and election reform and to
protest the Inauguration resulting from election irregularities
and partisan power politics. 


Dupont Circle - speakers, music & performances
March to the Capitol and the US Supreme Court

Why?    To demonstrate the need for voter rights
and election reform and to show unhappiness of
the election process in Florida and with the
decision of the US Supreme Court

Who?    ALL are invited to bring their friends,
homemade signs and warm clothes.

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy
of this period of social transition was not the strident
clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence
of the good people."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

He also said human progress is "neither automatic
nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice
requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the
tireless exertions and passionate concern of
dedicated individuals."

Who is Organizing This Activity?        VoterMarch

Thousands of us will be meeting at Dupont Circle In
Wash. DC at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 20th. 
We will have a stage set up for our counter-inaugural
demonstration at Dupont Circle where we will have
various speakers and entertainment figures performing. 
We will then have an organized protest march from
Dupont Circle to the Capitol and then to the
U.S. Supreme Court.    

Voter March maintains a very active listserve (150+
messages/day) discussing this march and other rallies,
marches, actions and other activities related to election
reform and ensuring that the new administration behaves
in fair fashion.  For more information on VoterMarch go to or email for
more information.

The website includes the names and email addresses of
individuals who have agreed to coordinate activities in their
state and to help people get to Washington DC for the
Counter Inauguration.

See this Washington Post Article on the Counter Inaugural
Activities in Washington DC

and for RELATED WEBSITES.  - - It is a long list so If you
aren't interested you may want to stop here.

1. Becoming a state representative
2. What to where to DC on 1/20/01 - its' cold.
3. May 6th Million Voter March
4. Hotel Information
5. Websites about other groups working on
        Inauguration Activities
6. ACTION You Can Take Right Now for Voters Rights
7. US Supreme Court & Federal Elected Official
        Contact websites
8. Websites of post election buttons, signage
        and clothing
9. Boycott websites
10. More discussion listserves
11 Regional group websites
12. Other Activist Sites
13. News links for post election news
14. State Contacts and state listserves sponsored
        by VoterMarch
15. California Marchs - Los Angeles and San Francisco


We've heard from people from New York to California so
wherever you are, find the organizing center nearest you--
nd if there isn't one, set one up and organize buses, vans
and car caravans to getas many people as possible to DC
on January 20, 2001.  Massive protests are expected on
that day.  Serving as an organizing center in your area
would mean working with other people and groups in your
city, school, community, place of worship, union or workplace
to bring people to DC on January 20.  Organizing tools are
available. We would list you on the  web
site as a Local Organizer and could direct people in
your area to you.

If interested, contact Joel Landy, National Groups Coordinator

A partial list of State Organizers can be found at the bottom
of this email message.  Or check the website for more
updated information.

Hotel Information I the Greater Washington DC, Virginia
and Maryland Area

Hotel information as of 12-18-00 that still has about 30
some rooms available for the weekend of the inaguration.

Quality Inn on Courthouse Road
Arlington, near a metro stop and very convenient
to downtown .
$179 @night

The following hotels have 380 + available rooms (as of 5:00
12-28-00) for the evenings of January 19th and 20th.  They are
all very close to the Washington Beltway

Fairfield Inn, College Park
4050 Powder Mill Road Beltsville
301-572-7100 165 Rooms total, 80 available
Weekend special $74.00 + tax  per night, includes
continental breakfast.  City transportation available.

Red Roof Inn, Oxon Hill
6170 Oxon Hill Road Oxon Hill
301-567-8030 120 Rooms total, 40 available
$60-65$ + tax

Red Roof, Lanham
9050 Lanham Severn Road Lanham
301-731-8830 104 Rooms Total, 5 available

Ramada Conference & Expo Center
8500 Annapolis Road New Carrollton
301-459-6700 238 Rooms Total, 30 available
$129.00+ + tax
Complementary Shuttle to New Carrolton Metro

Howard Johnson
5811 Annapolis Road Cheverly
301-779-7700 164 Rooms Total, 14 Available
$120.00+  + tax
City transportation available. 

Hampton Inn, Landover
9421 Largo Drive Landover
301-499-4600 142 Rooms Total, 28 Available
$69, $10 additional per person + tax
Shuttle to metro

Holiday Inn, Bethesda
8120 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda
301-652-2000 279 Rooms Total, 150 Available
$189 + tax Kings only,
Walk to metro

Sheraton, College Park
4095 Powder Mill Road Beltsville
301-937-4422 206 Rooms Total, 30 available
$185-$244 + tax

Embassy Suites in Tyson's Corner
$119 per night.

Other Sites for Information on the Inauguration and Protests - - Independent Action Center   - - Independant Progressive Policy Network - - demonstrations around
        the country - - "Guide to Effective
        Participation   in the 2001 Inauguration.  - - Ruckus Society - - Organizers Collaborative -Site collecting political parody songs
for upcoming protests, demonstations

Homework - To Be Prepared When Asked Why You Don't
Support the Status Quo - To help you if confronted by angry
people supporting the outcome of the election.  Websites
with information about how the right attempts to repress
and intimidate activists.  - - "The Right Wing's Nasty Jargon. 
        There's Nothing Logical About It".

Ideas of Actions You Can Take Right Now

1.      Write to Your Congressional Leaders *
2.      Comment on Choices for Cabinet and Departments
3.      Write or email national and local media about their
        coverage or lack of coverage of this issue.
4.      Writing protest messages on paper money.  E.g., '
        Bush is Bogus', 'Count All The Votes', etc. on one side.
5.      Where an Orange (for Florida) or
        Black (Death of Democracy) Ribbon
6.      Drape black banners on trees on your property
7.      Wear black arm bands
8.      Put a Black Flag up on National Holidays
9.      Fly the American Flag upside down on inauguration day
10.     Write on your money:  Gore Won, Bush Lost
11.     Write on all the give away cards, direct mail and
        blow in cards that you receive from the biased media: 
        Gore Won the Popular Vote; Gore Won Florida!
12.     Let all the Votes Be Counted!"  And send them back! 
        They pay the postage....
13.     Put a message that Gore Won on your answering
        machine;  You can change text daily.  Or do special blurbs
        on Bush appointments;  Artic drilling;  The Florida vote theft;
        Miami-Dade Republican storm troops; etc.  Your choice.
14.     Print out stamps from the online site
        and put them all over the place.  Or you can do your own in
        return label sizes ordered from your local fast turn-around printer. 
15.     Get a Gore Won bumper sticker. (some can be
        downloaded for free.)
16.     March, Demonstrate, Protest whenever, wherever you can.
17.     Download some free Banner Art
18.     Read a good book on preparing press releases and
        start hitting on your media
19.     Protest the sponsors on the  biased media.  But make up a
        list of the president's of the sponsoring companies and let them
        know why you are no longer going to buy their products!  As an ad
        man, I can tell you this will get attention!
20.     Read Shrub or Fortunate Son by Hatfield & learn what you
        are dealing with.
21.     Join a Democratic Party near you.
22.     Organize and start your own groups.  Remember this country
        was built on protests, some peaceful...
23.     Educate your friends and neighbors as to what has really
        happened to the vote and their freedoms...
24.     Call in on those news shows that ask for voter opinions! 
        keep on them!
25.     Wear clothes that show you are in mourning!  Black
        armbands, black outfits, whatever.
26.     And contribute to the online community with your time, your
        energies, your thoughts and your money.

Contact information

US Supreme Court (of Pretenders)
c/o Public Information Officer (PIO)
Washington DC  20543
888 293-6498

US Senate info - - 
(may not need the www)

House of Representatives -

A website to assist you in finding Federal Legislators websites
and in some cases their email addresses - -

Sources of Post Election Bumper Stickers, posters, t-shirts, etc.

Note, listing here does not denote support of these sites.  They
are compiled here only for your information. to download graphics that you can
        printout, e.g. on avery labels. - - T-Shirts - - "Hail to theThief" merchandise  - -  Cartoons & T-shirts - - cartoons - - anti-Bush ART - - cartoons - - Political Buttons - - Bumper Stickers - - bumper stickers   Download free POSTERS  - -  t-shirt (egroups subscription required) 
        - - Bush Brothers Banana Republic - -Home of the Official Judicial Fiat
T-shirt -
"Killcoup Was Here": Sticker Shock. All styles. Two stickers of each
style per page. Formatted for Avery Labels Style 5160 - Peel-and-
Stick labels.

And on Boycotts - - Boycotts and other actions - - Boycott list

More Discussion Listserves or websites - - -  Citizens For Legitimate Government , - - Act - - - -

Regional Groups - - Palm Beach - - NY Democrats

Other Activist Sites

NewsLinks on the After Affects of the Election     (Updated several times daily) - - Liberal Slant - - Best list of LINKS to anti-Bush
sites -  - Activist LINKS


The Voter egroup  is one of the
most popular and fastest growing egroups.   We are now
adding new Voter egroups for each of the 52 states,  DC and
International.   One of the primary objectives of the new state
egroups is to facilitate transportation to people who are
planning on attending the counter-inaugurals on
January 20, 2001 in Washington, DC.

All of these egroups are affiliated with the
website which is for voter rights and is sponsoring the Inaugural
Day Voter March which has a 2-part platform: (i) to seek real
election reform to curb the abuses and disenfranchisement
of voters that occurred during the Presidential 2000 election,
and (ii) to protest in the form of a counter-inaugural the
"coronation" that will occur as a result of serious election
irregularities and  highly partisan U.S. Supreme Court
decisions which usurped the will of the people.     The new
State Voter eGroups are as follows:


Voter March, LLC
Louis Posner, Esq.
Chairman & National Groups Coordinator

Joel Landy
National Groups Liaison

Alabama -

Alaska -

Arkansas -

Arizona  -

Beverly Fox-Miller

California -

Jamie Murray
Los Angeles, CA

Organizing a rally in LA on 1/20/01

LA Counter Inaugural
January 20, 2001
Pershing Square
Rally & March to
Downtown Federal Building

San Francisco Will also have a counter Inauguration march.  - -


Connecticut  -

Betsy Bowen
Norwalk/Stamford, CT


District of Columbia

Bob "Hawk" Rogers
Washington, DC area
or backup


Bob Kunst
The Oral Majority
P.O. Box 402263
Miami Beach, FL 33140

West Palm Beach, FL


Michael Collins
Athens and Atlanta
or backup


George A. Casen



Elizabeth Cortell
Chicago Metro Area


Suzanne Jackson



Debby Anthony
Kansas City


Ivonne Rovira



Barbara Scapa

Renee Berry-Huffman
Portland, Maine


Doug Lang
Silver Springs, MD

Vicki O'Hara
Annapolis/Baltimore, MD


Pam Appleby
Boston, MA


Dave Fernquist
Detroit Metro area


Tiller and Fussell
St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota

St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota



Pat Walsh
phone: 314-846-1849

New York

Nancy Magarill
New York City, New York

Suffolk Country, NY

Joe Seeman
Albany, New York

Mike McCleese
Cincinnati, Ohio
or backup

Kenneth J. Murray
Dayton, Ohio




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

North Carolina

Susan Lewis

North Dakota

Armondo Perez
701 795 6976


Mike McCleese
Cincinnati, Ohio
or backup

Kenneth J. Murray
Dayton, Ohio



John Mark
Portland, Oregon

Kurtis Smith
Portland, Oregon - E-group list for everyone to join. or


Bruce Bailey
Philadelphia, PA

Kevin M. Hoover
Pittsburgh, PA
or backup

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Elaine van der Linden
Belevedere, S.C.

South Dakota


Catherine Lohmeier
Nashville, TN


Paula Little
Dallas, TX


Charles Stanton
Newport News, Virginia
(Southeast Virginia).

Lika Smith
Seattle, WA
phone: 206-679-6108

Marian Beddill
Bellingham, WA
(NW Washington)
phone: 360-738-3151


Paula Little
Dallas, TX

West Virginia






Rallys for Voters Rights will also be held in Los Angeles
and San Francisco as well as other cities around the Nation.

California -

Jamie Murray
Los Angeles, CA

Organizing a rally in Los Angeles on 1/20/01

LA Counter Inaugural
January 20, 2001
Pershing Square
Rally & March to
Downtown Federal Building

San Francisco will also have a counter Inauguration march.  - -
information will be announced on January 7th.  Go to the California
listserve for more information after that date.

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