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[GreenYes] Electronic Petitions and surveys
Hi All:

I signed the MSNBC Survey for the Artic Wildlife Refuge but thought
that you should all know that many of the other on line petitions 
such as the service provided by Petition On Line, C-Span and CNN 
have been manipulated by hackers that set their computers to 
continually call up and register a particular vote or opinion.

Several days ago, this was posted to a listserve that I am on.  I guess 
like we learned in college statistics, beware of percentages and 
always analyze statistics and be a bit skeptical if you aren't sure of 
how the study was conducted or who paid for the study.

Ann Schneider

On Line Petitions
Subject: free speech vs. 'a few miserable provocateurs'

Hi everyone.  I just want to keep you informed about the tactics 
employed by some people.  I just tried to access via an AOL account that I have and access was 
blocked. The following was written by the Webmaster at PetitionOnline:

"Although provides a non-partisan free speech web 
forum, hosting a wide range of petitions from across the political
and social spectrum, ever since the November 7, 2000 election in the 
United States, several petitions at our site have been subjected to 
unprecedented and repeated attacks by Republican vandals. In response 
to these negative, unconstructive, and in many cases criminal
attacks,internal and external security steps are being taken. Where 
necessary and appropriate, law enforcement will be involved."

"Some of the immediate security measures we take to maintain the 
integrity of our system may temporarily affect the ability of some 
responsible users connected to This is especially 
likely for a small fraction of AOL users, since AOL is functioning at 
the moment as a haven for vandals.  Because some other ISPs, like, share access pionts with AOL, their users may also be 

"In the long run, we won't let a few miserable provocateurs ruin the 
free speech of millions of responsible participants at By calm persistence, together we will hold the 
upper hand over that tiny number of people who apparently can't
handle the basic responsibilities of free speech. Don't let vandals 
get to you, and let's not give them any unnecessary satisfaction
along the way."

"Thank you for your patience!  Webmaster,"

I just sent them a note of thanks for their ongoing efforts in 
providing a forum for free speech. They are doing a terrific job.

Therese Flanagan 

ton for directions.


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