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[GreenYes] Plastics News Editorial and Bottle Bill
    The 1/1/01 Plastics News editorial states in part:


          PN presents agenda for new millennium
          "Entering the new millennium, Plastics News is introducing its
          agenda for the industry.

          "This plan will guide our editorial positions in future issues. It also
          should give our readers a blueprint to prioritize their work-related
          efforts and help manage their companies.


          "Recycling efforts must be promoted. Americans have become
          too comfortable in their habit of throwing away used plastics items.
          Industry, sometimes intentionally, has encouraged that wastefulness.
          Recycling, like source reduction and reuse, should be part of an
          active effort to avoid waste.

          "Safe waste-to-energy incineration should be part of the solution, but
          industry should not rely on that remedy. Burning plastics is an
          ineffective way of recovering all the value already invested in
          creating the material.

          "The industry should support a national bottle bill, since bottle-deposit
          programs have proved effective in collecting a clean, valuable
          recycling stream."
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