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The following press release was put out by THE BEAUTIFUL LAND COALITION, a
statewide coalition of organizations and local governments working to expand
Iowa's bottle bill to include non-carbonated beverages.

        Good for our economy, good for our environment.

Des Moines, Iowa, January 2, 2001 -- Ina letter to the citizens of Iowa,
twenty-nine top Iowa business leaders have endorsed expanding Iowa's popular
and effective Beverage Container Redemption Law, the Bottle Bill.  This
letter is in response to growing threats to repeal the Bottle Bill.  

One of the business leaders, David Hurd, Chairman Emeritus of Principal
Financial Group and President of the Iowa Environmental Council, says,
"Iowa's natural beauty is both an economic and environmental resource to
protect and cherish.  For more than twenty years, the Bottle Bill has helped
keep Iowa 'the beautiful land.'"

Iowans overwhelmingly support the Bottle Bill.  A recent independent survey
by the University of Northern Iowa indicates over 86% of Iowans support the
Bottle Bill and over 77% want to see the law expanded to include teas,
sports drinks, bottled waters and other "new age" drinks that have come on
the market since the law was originally passed in 1978.  

This support will be further demonstrated on January 4 when more than 50,000
signatures of Iowans in support of expanding the Bottle Bill will be
presented to the Speaker of the House at the State Capitol.  The
presentation, at 12:15 p.m. in the Capitol Rotunda, is open to the public
and everyone is encouraged to attend.  

Among environmental legislation the Bottle Bill is unparalleled in both its
popularity and its success.  As former Governor Terry Branstad says, "The
Bottle Bill is popular because it accomplishes its goals, involves us all,
and make good sense."  

Attached is the letter from business leaders to the citizens of Iowa
expressing support for Iowa's Beverage Container Redemption Law.  Please use
as an opinion editorial.  


2 January 2001

Dear Fellow Iowans,

Last year former Governor Terry Branstad, Chairman of the Beautiful Land
Coalition, wrote to express his continued support for Iowa's container
redemption law - the "Bottle Bill."  Today, we are writing to express our
strong support for this successful law and urge that it be updated to serve
Iowans better.  

For over twenty years Iowa's roadways, streams, lakes and trails have been
cleaner because of the bottle bill and the habits of stewardship it has
helped to instill in all of us who live here.  It has created jobs,
especially at sheltered workshops which employ people with disabilities, and
thousands of Iowa school children have used it as a fundraising tool within
our communities.  As Iowans, we recycle 90 percent of our containers without
the use of taxes.  States without bottle bills only recycle 30 percent
because they rely on other types of recycling programs that are not as
effective for recovering beverage containers.  

While the bottle bill has overwhelming public support - 86% of Iowans want
to keep it and 77% want to expand it according to a 2000 survey by the
University of Northern Iowa - there are some who advocate repeal.  As
members of the business community, we recognize that when you have a good
thing that works well you should work to improve it, not throw it away.  A
clean environment is a key element in attracting businesses to our state and
in providing livable communities for Iowa's working families.  That is why
we believe the bottle bill should be updated to reflect changes that have
happened over the last twenty years.

The Beautiful Land Coalition, a diverse group of community and environmental
organizations made up of more than 10,000 Iowans, has proposed the following

	Expand the Container Redemption Law to include bottles and cans used for
tea, water, fruit juices and sports drinks.  Many of these beverage
containers did not exist in 1978 when the law was adopted but are a source
of litter today.  Expansion can further reduce litter and eliminate
confusion as to which containers are covered under the law.  

	Create the Robert D. Ray Beautiful Land Fund to support local litter and
recycling efforts including an emphasis on Adopt-A-Place programs (roadways,
trails, parks, waterways and other resources).  This fund would require no
tax dollars, expand popular conservation programs and recognize and support
creative local efforts.  It is named for the governor who signed the
original law.  
	Increase the handling fee per container from 1 cent to 2 cents.  The
handling fee paid by distributors to grocery stores and redemption centers
has not changed in over twenty years.  Increasing the fee will support these
local businesses and the essential role they play in the Bottle Bill's success. 
	Require all beverage containers sold in Iowa to have a minimum
post-consumer recycled content of 25% by weight.  Having consistent markets
so that recycling programs can "close the loop" is key to long-term success.  

The bottle bill supports local recycling programs while funding itself
through the nickel deposit and refund.  The deposit paid by consumers and
the refund on returned containers would remain at five cents.  

We have in the bottle bill a law that is popular, effective, requires no tax
dollars and makes us all responsible.  We have in Iowa a beautiful state we
are justifiably proud of.  It is up to us to make both better.  We urge all
Iowans to join us in this effort.

Charles H. Betts, Jr.;
Margo & Don Blumenthal, Blumenthal Inc.;  
J.C. Brenton, President Brenton Banks, Inc., Retired;
Robert A. Burnett, Chairman & CEO Retired, Meredith Corporation;  
Terry D. Buzbee, President, Fisher Controls International;  
Gary M. Christensen, President & CEO, Pella Corporation;
James S. Cownie;  
Mike Earley, President, Bankers Trust;
David J. Fisher, Chairman, Onthank Company; 
John Forsyth, Chairman & CEO, Wellmark, Inc;
Bruce D. Hertzke, President/Chairman/CEO, Winnebago Industries;  
James W. Hubbell, Jr., Retired Chairman, Equitable of Iowa Companies;  
G. David Hurd, Chairman Emeritus, Principal Financial Group;  
Sam G. Kalainov, Chairman, Retired, AmerUs Group Co's.;
Gerald M. Kirke;  
William C. Knapp, Chairman Emeritus, Knapp Properties, Inc.;  
David Kruidenier, Former Chairman & CEO, Des Moines Register & Tribune;  
K. Bruce Lauritsen, President/CEO, Flexsteel Industries;  
Lee Liu, Retired Chairman, Alliant Energy Corp.;  
F. Forbes Olberg, Retired Chairman, Banks of Iowa;
John Pappajohn, President, Equity Dynamics, Inc.;  
Marvin A. Pomerantz, Chairman & CEO, Mid-America Group, Ltd.;  
Suku Radia;  
J. Douglas Reichardt;  
Don F. Ross, Chairman, CDS, Inc.;
John Ruan III, Chairman, Ruan Transportation Management Systems;  
Steve Shivvers, Co-owner & Former CEO, Shivvers Manufacturing Inc.;
Ted Townsend, President, Townsend Engineering Co.;
William A. Van Orsdel.

**Company names are shown only to identify the individual 
Pat Franklin, Executive Director
Container Recycling Institute
1911 Ft Myer Drive, Suite 900
Arlington,    Virginia  22209
703/276-9800     fax 276-9587

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