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RE: [GreenYes] Local Government Contracting - Solid Waste Services
PTI is affiliated, although I am not quite sure how, with several other
trade associations, including the International City/County Management
Association (ICMA, and the national association of counties
(NACO, ).  They each have policy and staff specialists who are
familiar with solid waste issues, but access is generally limited to
Jeff, you might want to check with your County Board of Supervisors or
Administrator to see if your county is already a member of one of these
groups, and get plugged into their resources.  Otherwise, it looks like the
references Roger has found would be a good start.
Good luck,

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From: 	Roger Guttentag [] 
Sent:	Tuesday, January 02, 2001 7:18 PM
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Subject:	Re: [GreenYes] Local Government Contracting - Solid Waste

Dear Jeff:

For such as important issue, I could not find much in the way of references
to solid waste contracting for local governments.  Here is what I did find
or know about (the only one I am familiar with is the PTI guide - see

Contracting for Local Government Solid Waste Management Services (PDF
document) - NC Div. of Pollution Prevention

A Guide to Competitive Contracting in Solid Waste Management - Reason

Contracting for Solid Waste Services: A Workbook for Cities and Counties
     Practical guide for local governments preparing to contract with
private companies   for solid waste collection,
     transport, or disposal services.  - H0USTON-GALVESTON AREA COUNCIL
(Note: this is an online reference to an offline print resource)

Public Technology, Inc.

PTI published in 1995 a really good guide on local government contracting (I
have this publication) called
Local Government Guide to Solid Waste Competitive Service Delivery -
Publication No. 95-400.  I have copied their description of this document
from their 1999-2000 Catalog (I did this because the PTI Pub Catalog is a 2
meg PDF download).

"Cities and counties evaluating their role in solid waste collection,
processing, and disposal will appreciate the tips in this guide-book.
Produced by Public Technology, Inc., to help officials take stock of public,
private, and competitive solid waste management approaches, the guide walks
decision-makers through step-by-step assessments of three major service
options: preserving the prevailing service delivery structure; reengineering
the current system; or adopt-ing a competitive system."

It appears to be available only for purchase from PTI but it is, in my
opinion, a worthwhile investment.

I hope this listing is helpful and I look forward to any other references
members of the GRRN list can contribute on this topic. I would also be
interested in learning which info resource proved most helpful to you.


Roger M. Guttentag
Read Recycling in Cyberspace in Resource Recycling
December 2000 topic: Rerefined Oil
January 2001 topic: Canadian Cyberspace Tour

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From: Aluotto, Jeffrey <>
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Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 11:31 AM
Subject: [GreenYes] Local Government Contracting

> Does anybody know of some good references (either publications, books,
> journal articles, etc.) on cost-effective solid waste contracting for
> governments?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Aluotto
> Manager,
> Hamilton County Solid Waste
> Management District

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