[GRRN] small-scale plastic recycling

RHONDA L SHERMAN (sherman@unity.ncsu.edu)
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:35:46 -0500

Cheri L. Kennedy wrote: "unfortunately I do not yet recycle
plastic here because I still do not have a facility to operate out
of. (The Navy is downsizing, getting money for new programs is
laughable...) We're very rural and there's no way I could generate
enough plastic to make the effort worthwhile."

I just wanted to let Cheri and others in similar positions (rural or
short on funds) know about a free publication I have that may
help their plastic bottle recycling efforts. "A Low-Cost Plastic
Bottle and Jug Baler" shows how to build a simple, economical
bale press for plastic bottles and jugs. This baler is ideal for
small recycling programs with limited resources. It can be
constructed for less than $150 and requires no electricity or
fork-lift for moving bales. You can download this publication
from my website; go to the URL in my autosignature and
click on "Publications."

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