[GRRN] shoe waste prevention

RHONDA L SHERMAN (sherman@unity.ncsu.edu)
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:33:14 -0500

Regarding Cortney Cable's request for advise on how to
divert her shoes from the waste stream each year, I
concur with the writer who suggested donating them
to Goodwill and other service organizations. However,
I would also encourage you to examine the waste
prevention aspect. Why do you need to throw away
numerous pairs of shoes every year? Are you buying cheap
shoes that fall apart quickly? Are you buying shoes that
go out of style annually? A well-made pair of shoes
can last twenty years or more, and the sole can be
replaced several times if it wears out.

Cortney Cable wrote:

I am interested in recycling shoes. Does anybody have any information or

know who I could contact to find out about doing this? I have numerous
of shoes that I throw away each year and I would like to stop doing
Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.

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