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Sue: What do you mean when you say "I know you like celebrities Bill..." Is
this a put down of Bill? I hope not, because I hate to see us turning on each
other. Thanks for the insights on Ed Begley. Let's stick together. Sally wrote:

> I knowthat you enjoy celebreties Bill, but Ed Begley Jr is no
> environmentalist. He is a nice man who drives an electric car and sits on a
> state pro growth agency called the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, whose
> goal it is to stop our Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. As a
> woman who led the successful effort to stop the LANCER incinerator and with
> Neil set up our LA recycling program, I can tell you that Ed Begley Jr played
> no role at all in either of these important events. He also had NOTHING to
> do with establishing three great state parks or the National Recreation Area
> of the Santa Monica Mountains. Indeed Ed is a figment of green washinga by
> the Democratic Party to stop a real environmental movement. My best, Sue
> Nelson
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