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Tue, 14 Sep 1999 09:08:37 +1000

This has no relevance to the message below - but I was wanting to
contact Sue Nelson who signed the email.

I met her at the Zero Waste conference in Monterey in 1997.

Please email Sue.


Gerard Gillespie

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Subject: Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #274
Author: <greenyes@earthsystems.org> at AARNET
Date: 9/13/99 5:38 PM

I knowthat you enjoy celebreties Bill, but Ed Begley Jr is no
environmentalist. He is a nice man who drives an electric car and sits on a
state pro growth agency called the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, whose
goal it is to stop our Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. As a
woman who led the successful effort to stop the LANCER incinerator and with
Neil set up our LA recycling program, I can tell you that Ed Begley Jr played
no role at all in either of these important events. He also had NOTHING to
do with establishing three great state parks or the National Recreation Area
of the Santa Monica Mountains. Indeed Ed is a figment of green washinga by
the Democratic Party to stop a real environmental movement. My best, Sue

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