Re: [GRRN] Switch to Biweekly curbside recycling collection
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 02:38:39 EDT

At times when curbside recycling inculuded only cans glass and newspaper
bi-weekly collection made sense. Philadelphia has enough items on their
program that they should pickup weekly and should pickup the same day as
trash pickup.
Programs should allow loose containers or clear bags to be used as well.
Plastics and mixed paper in a recycling program should definately generate
enough volume that a weekly collection makes sense.

Philadelphia should consider mandating clear trash bags. Oswego County, NY
has done this. It makes it easier to enforce participation in my opinion.

Philadelphia should also (if not allready) accept commingled recyclables to
be placed in a recycling bin or labeled container or clear plastic bag and
accept mixed paper in a paper bag, labeled container or clear plastic bag.
Options make it easier for participation. So long as commingled cans/bottles
and mixed paper are separated into those two categories it shouldn't really
matter what type of container they're in.