[GRRN] New York Times ad "Coke's broken promise" -- News Stories

Wed, 4 Aug 1999 14:54:38 EDT

The GrassRoots Recycling Network ad on the Op Ed Page of the New York Times,
Monday, August 2 has generated several news stories available on the web.

1. Reuters -- See www.latimes.com Then click on science, environ. on the
pop town menu. Go to environment and scroll down to Coke story posted August

2. Atlanta Constitution, August 3, 1999 - Business Section. Have not
checked the web-site www.ajc.com

3. Colorado Daily in Boulder, August 3 feature with picture of Eric Lombardi
next to a pile of plastic bottles, putting in a call to Ivester. See it on
the web at www.codaily.com (page 1 feature)

4. AOL also has the Reuters story on the web.

In a related site, see GRRN's efforts with Working Assets on the CNN web-site
at www.cnn.com Click on Nature and scroll down to Coke story and
related stories and links.

So, make a call to Ivester. Tell a friend. Copy and share these stories.
It's time to crank up the heat.


Lance King