[GRRN] Switch to Biweekly curbside recycling collection

Kevin Van Vliet (kevin_van_vliet@city.vancouver.bc.ca)
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 09:10:00 -0700

I am doing some research on the impacts of switching from weekly curbside
blue box collection to biweekly. We are about to implement a curbside
yardwaste collection program. That program appears to make most sense if it
was instituted on a bi-weekly basis. Therefore I want to take this
opportunity to review the recycling program collection frequency. If a
change were ever to occur, having the two programs alternate might make most

I have little information on Cities that have made the switch from weekly to
biweekly collection, the impact on recovery rates, participation, etc.
There was some discussion in this forum back in 1997, which I will pursue
further. However since that time, does anyone know of new information or
trials that have occurred? Your assistance is appreciated.