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I do agree on the issue glass or plastic. The major question is do we choose
for refillables or trow-away. In The Netherlands f.e. A lot of the
refillablesare made out of PET and there are little arguments against this
choice. Only the need of crude oil is an essential negative point.
Refilling PET serves the needs.
In the future Polycarbonate is a runner up as a competetive product for PET.

When it comes to collecting glass at the curbside, my opinion differs from
In the northern part of Europe there are two commonly used methods of
collecting glass. The cities using curbside collection are very satisfied.
As a fact, curbside collection of glass is one of the most successfull
collections besides paper and cardboard.

It doesn't matter that it's only 2% of the volume in your waste stream.
Waste is measured and paid by weight. second argument: it's one of the oly
materials that could be recycled on the short run. Glass becomes glass wich
can't be said for plastic. In Europe it's theoretical forbidden to use
recycled plastic for the packaging of food when there is a direct contact.

kind regards
guy duchene

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