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The last person in the world of recycling I'd wanna butt heads with is Jerry
Powell. Because if ever there was anyone who 'knows it all' (or at least
one h.. of a lot), certainly it is he. But..... our glass numbers are
slightly different. Tere is what we have for glass bottle and jar
production from 1996 to 1998.

(NOTE: 1998 numbers are preliminary and I do not have the weight numbers
yet) While there appears to have been a slight growth in production in 1998
(given preliminary numbers from Dept of Commerce). It looks like about .5%
growth tome.

of Gross

1995 269,289
1996 257,358
1997 254,016
1998 255,904
Source: US Dept of Commerce, Bureau of Census

According to GPI Glass Production between 1995 and 1997 (1998 not yet
available) was as follows:

of Tons
1995 10.10
1996 9.71
1997 9.50
Source: GPI

PS JERRY -- Can we compare numbers? Am I including or excluding imports or
exports. I'd like to straighten them out if they're wrong.


At 12:56 PM 5/25/99 EDT, wrote:
>A common misconception is that the use of glass bottles is declining (see
>Michele Raymond's missive as an example). In fact, domestic glass container
>production, after a slow downward slide in the 1980s and early '90s, has
>actually rebounded a bit (up about 3 percent this year). Glass holds a
>strong postion in some products (beer for at-home or at-premise consumption,
>wine, liquor, some "New Age" beverages, relish, etc.). Yes, plastic and
>metal hold a dominant position in other markets, such as soft drinks, and are
>growing faster than glass, but glass is a fairly mature, stable industry that
>will be here for a long time.
>Jerry Powell
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