[GRRN] Blocks on Telemarketing

Myra Nissen (myracycl@inreach.com)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 08:45:30 -0800

If any one has a Chase credit card, they offer a block from
telemarketing. But you have to renew it every 3 months. You can make a
one time request to block information from Cahse affiliates.You can ask
in writing and mailing it to Chase, PO Box 15543, Wilmington, DE
19850-5443 or call the customer service no.

I would write and call. because my letter was not acknowledged.

For Trans Union credit reporting co., you can write Trans Union,
Marketing Opt-Out, PO Box 97328, Jackson, Missippi, 39288-7328.

Myra Nissen