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Gary Franklin <gfranklin@skdglaw.com> wrote:

First, I want to express my thanks to Fran McPoland and the Office of
the Federal Environmental Executive for their generous support of the
New York City Bar Association's proposal submitted to the Administrative
Board of the Courts of the State of New York mandating that all court
filings be made on 30% post-consumer recycled content paper. This
proposal has generated a broad base of support and a great deal of
interest. However, after considering the proposal and the recycling
report that accompanied the proposal, the Administrative Board declined
to act on it and deferred further consideration until some unspecified
time. Because paper waste comprises by far the largest component of the
municipal waste stream, and because lawyers are tremendous consumers of
virgin paper, the impact of adopting the proposal would be huge, indeed,
and would lend significant support and credibility to all efforts aimed
at increasing recycling and, more importantly, increasing the demand for
products made with recycled materials. If anyone is interested in
reading a copy of the report and the proposal I would be happy to
provide it, preferably by e-mail (WP 8.0). I would also welcome
comments and suggestions to generate further support and publicity for
the proposal to maximize the effort to get it adopted. Finally, any
organization or company interested in endorsing the proposal is
encouraged to do so by sending an endorsement directly to me -- please
contact me with any questions in this regard.

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