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We had a request a few months ago for assistance in locating large =
of polystyrene from Timbron Interenational to make a wood-like =
Although they would accept post-consumer PS, they weren't interested in =
grade material.=A0 I provided them with some computer business names =
drive manufacturers) that might generate the amount they wanted.=A0 =
Below is
the information we received from them, which I just called and =
They are interested in generators of 2400 pounds/day or more of white,
clean, virgin EPS packing material.=A0 While this sounds like an awful =
certain industries do generate that much, and in some cases several
satellite businesses generating smaller amounts can move their material =
to a
central point where it can be densified.=A0 They are willing to collect =
where in the US.=A0 Timbron provides an industrial-sized densifier,
installation, continued maintenance, labor to operate the machine and
collection.=A0 Costs for electricity are estimated at $1.30 - 1.50/hour =
are to be paid by the supplier.=A0 The supplier is also to provide a =
and recycled (reused?) pallets.=A0 The primary incentive to the =
supplier seems
to be disposal cost avoidance.
In the future, they may become interested in food grade material
If you wish to contact Timbron, the contact information is as follows:
Fred Mills
Executive Vice President
Timbron International
P.O.Box 30308=20
Stockton, CA=A0 95213-0308
phone - (209) 983-8393
=A0fax -(209) 983-5255

Terry S. Brennan=20
Integrated Waste Management Specialist=20
California Integrated Waste Management Board=20
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The Polystyrene Packaging Council and the National Polystyrene =
Company tout the recyclability=A0 of polystyrene. From the point of =
view of
the average consumer however, this would appear to be so much hogwash. =
there are indeed markets for post industrial material, viable markets =
post consumer seem conspicuously absent. The only processor accepting =
consumer material seems to be the NPRC facility in Corona, CA who are
charging $300 a ton plus freight to take it. A fully loaded truck =
some 40,000# of material would set us back well over $7,000.=A0 As a =
non-profit recycler, we cannot afford to absorb this kind of cost. At =
price, can it really be said to be recyclable? We are faced with having =
dump this material, which an unsuspecting public have gone to the =
trouble of
setting in their curbside bins believing that it will be recycled.=20
Does anyone know of another market for post consumer #6? We have a full =
ready to go. Any leads or thoughts appreciated.
Julie Daniel