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[GreenYes] small scale plastics remanufacturing

Title: [GreenYes] small scale plastics remanufacturing

Hello, I'm looking for information on SMALL SCALE recycled plastics
processing/remanufacturing. I'm coming from a naive perspective, but
wanted to get feedback on the idea of remanufacturing post consumer
plastics in an island environment into products with local high value.
The best, most useful example I can think of here on Kauai is water/
wastewater tanks. These tanks are typically 1250 gallons for
wastewater, or larger for water storage. They are usually made from
polyethylene. Because of their bulk, their cost (due to shipping) has
been increasing even faster than other plastics & shipped goods. Is it
possible that current prices for these products might allow us to
overcome the traditional barriers of economy of scale? It would be a
wonderful re-use of material locally, and perhaps help to discourage
the alternative being discussed on Kauai, an incinerator. Thanks for
any information you might be able to forward..

One good article I found was "EVALUATION OF SMALL-SCALE PCR

I'm aware of the extrusion type re-uses such as plastic lumber, but is
anyone doing this kind of thing for injection molds or rotomolding of
PE, and on a small scale? Mahalo for your ideas and links!

Ben Sullivan

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