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[GreenYes] Re: Cost Efficient Containers

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Cost Efficient Containers

There are two lower-cost ($35) recycling containers I've used with success
for indoor public space recycling.

1. has a nice 22 gallon corrugated plastic hexagonal
container for $34. We've
used these very effectively in schools and municipal facilities. They do
take a bit of elbow grease to put together - about 15 minutes each. They
come with a cute little flap over the opening, which I generally remove
because it makes recycling a little too inconvenient (requires two hands).
They are quite durable, we've had them in elementary school cafeterias for
over two years with little indication of wear. I am not sure if they contain
recycled content.

2. California works with a company called Numateck West to make corrugated
plastic boxes available to businesses for recycling. To see a picture of the
container go to (or email me and I
can send additional pictures). These are very nice, and are great not only
for indoor recycling but also for use at temporary public events, as they
unfold in seconds and can be easily transported and stored flat. They can be
ordered in a variety of colors and can be printed to your specs. They cost
about $32 each, but require a minimum order of 25, though they will send a
sample at no cost. I don't know if they have recycled content either. For
ordering information contact Linda Randell, 909-706-3627 x 112 or email

Ann Dorfman

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Hi -

I'm seeking information on cost efficient containers.  We are improving our
in-house program for office and public facilities and need containers for
break rooms, etc. that don't cost a fortune.
Also, in a separate project designing a residential drop-off, we need large
boxes/compactors to use in a space constrained area.

Any information or ideas for either of these would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



Sarah J. Mason

Environmental Analyst

Mayor's Office, City of Houston

900 Bagby, Public Level

Houston, TX 77002

(713) 247.2651 phone

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