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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling PSAs

English, Try the NC R3 campaign, They have soem PSAs thwt are really
good, see

Also South Carolina did the Recycle Guys, which I'm pretty sure has
PSAs you can use, several PSAs are listed at

and NERC has a list of Consolidated Public Service Announcements on
their web site ( under 2001) at

On Mar 13, 1:26 pm, "English Bird" <engl...@no.address>
> Do any states or organizations offer the free use of TV PSA's that generally
> promote recycling? We have a community in NM that is looking for something
> to use on the airwaves.
> Thanks,
> English Bird
> New Mexico Recycling Coalition
> 505-983-4470
> engl...@no.address

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