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[GreenYes] Re: Michigan bill could repeal landfill ban on yard waste

I'm sorry to report, that Eric is incorrect about Nebraska.

The Unicameral weakened the yardwaste landfill ban: "One exception to
this restriction is when the yard waste is placed in a permitted
landfill and used as part of a system to produce methane as a fuel
source. The system must include an active landfill gas collection
system and a legitimate user of the methane fuel."

The Pheasant Point landfill owned by Waste Management now accepts
yardwaste as highlighted in this document and specifications set by
the state:$FILE/07-291.pdf

Nebraska's landfill bans and landfill requirements are in this

On Feb 8, 12:40 pm, "Eric Lombardi" <e...@no.address> wrote:
> Peter,
> A small coalition of people along with
> GRRN have been fighting them, and winning, in Indiana, Illinois, and
> Nebraska.  

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