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[GreenYes] Re: grass clippings, and paint

Kendall - 

The website for the California Integrated Waste Management Board has an entire page of resources on "Grasscycling" - Tips, FAQa, even some academic reports.

Ken Decio at the CIWMB (copied above) might be able to point you to jurisdictions with ordinances. I know we have a lot of "leave-it-on-the-lawn" programs and there are mulching mower exchanges, etc. But I am not aware if any jurisdictions have specific policies encouraging or requiring grass-cycling. 

Try Heidi Sanborn on the paint issue (copied above). Heidi would know if anyone in CA has tried direct retailer paint exchanges.

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On Feb 7, 2008, at 7:52 AM, Kendall Christiansen wrote:

To support NYC discussions, looking for examples of effective ?leave it on the lawn? policies/regulations/programs for grass clippings (and not just landfill bans)?.
And, curious if anyone?s experimented with (or considering) paint takeback programs with hardware and paint stores?.(and not just HHW/special waste drop-off or collection programs)?
Thanks for any info?.
Kendall Christiansen
Brooklyn, NY

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