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[GreenYes] doucmented increases in tonnage when converting to single stream?

Hello all,
Merry, Happy Holy, Healthy:
We are investigating single stream curbside recycling and would like to know the impact on collection tonnage of converting from other systems  - dual, source sep. etc.
Is there any evidence about which element of conversion contributes most:
Adding a cart/switching away from bins/bags
Adding materials
Increased convenience in sorting
Other reasons that tonnage might increase from this conversion
We are aware of the downsides downstream and are taking that into account as we talk to various MRFs
Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Planner
Orange County Solid Waste Management Department
P.O. Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177
(919) 968-2788 or direct: (919) 968-2800 x161
(919) 932-2900 fax
As of January 1, any business in North Carolina that sells alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption will have to have a recycling program. Need help? OR know a business that might need help in Orange County? ASK US

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