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Hi Ric ~
I am not sure what you are really asking me, about whether I would use a landfill or incinerator if I had the political will.
But, let me say that both the population and the political leaders here are very supportive of green measures. The city that I live in (Madison, WI) has had the longest running curbside collection program of newspapers in the country, for example, starting with a test in 1967. We have had mandatory recycling since the 1970's, have banned many products from landfills, have a very successful Madison Stuff Exchange, and Household Hazardous Clean Sweep program, we mandate that retailers of tires, lead-acid batteries, fluorescents and mercury thermostats take them back from their customers, have banned the sale of mercury thermometers, etc. etc.
I would not exclude any options from the list of management choices. We examine the environmental impact of the alternatives -- using environmental economic and environmental valuation studies from around the world as they might apply to our area -- not a blanket statement that any given option is totally off the table.
I like a systems analysis approach. When I was in grad school back in the early 70's, I took a course in this, and learned about techniquest for optimizing systems. One of my projects was for the optimizattion of collection routes for recycling, using the Chinese postman problem method. It is one of the few text books that I have saved and still use these approaches, while also making use of the power that today's computers offer, such as Solver in Excel.  I am glad that you too use this tool.
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In a message dated 10/31/2007 7:50:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Reindl@no.address writes:I don't think that there is any "baseline". All alternatives ought to have their total costs included -- both financial costs (including subsidies) and their environmental costs, a la Pigou, who we have discussed on this list in the past.
HI John;
Maybe  "baseline "was not the right word for my thought.
I like the sound of sustainable resource management but I use a zero waste systems analysis to design  my programs. 
Would  you use a landfill  and /or incinerator if you had the political will to redesign your County resource management program?

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