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[GreenYes] List Housekeeping - BCC's and CC's

Title: [GreenYes] List Housekeeping - BCC's and CC's

Dear GreenYes members,

Just some housekeeping thoughts and considerations:

All members should read our netiquette and faq pages before posting.
The netiquette page is located here:

Please post 'TO' the list rather than 'CC'ing the list.
Please never put 'undisclosed recipients' in the 'To' field.
when posting to a list. Always put lists in the 'TO' field.

Please do ***not*** blind-carbon copy the list. (BCC)

There are two very important reasons for never BCCing the list:

A. -- If you post to a public list, it is more courteous to your
single or several 'TO' recipient(s) to let them know you have posted
your reply to a list of others as well as the recipient(s). Full
disclosure is best. If you post 'TO' a single non-list member, also
include the list in the 'TO' field, rather the 'CC' field. Lists are
never 'CC'ed because sheer numbers compels the importance of the group
as a recipient. If your reply is something you would relegate to a
'CC' for the list in your own mind, simply reply only to the single
recipient and not at all to the entire list. If it's important enough
for the list to know, the list address should be in the 'TO' field.

B. -- Many modern spam filters such as Spam Assassin tend to frown
upon BCC's to lists. Hence, while your message may post, it may not
get through to all list members in a timely fashion and may end up
buried in a spam folder.

Other considerations:  It's very easy to 'reply to all,' but we don't
always remember to remove the name of the original poster from the
'TO' field. If you don't, they'll receive two copies. It may not seem
important, but in a very lengthy thread with multiple replies from
multiple people and multiple cross-posts, it becomes important to
verify for all our benefit to whom we are sending the message. Please
consider taking the time to be explicit with your address fields.

Remember, Daylight Saving Time 'Falls Back' for most North American
members this Sunday at 2:00am.


GreenYes Webmaster

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