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[GreenYes] International Dialog go to AT 10AM Swiss time

go to AT 10AM Swiss time to see the livecam and write questions.

Zero Waste International Alliance Meeting and International Zero Waste Dialog
September 2, 2007, 10 am to 4 pm Davos Congress Center
Promenade 67, Jakobshorn Room, Wing B of the congress center
CH-7270 Davos, Switzerland
The Congress Center has informed us that we should use the South Entrance of the Center on Sunday Sept. 2 as there will be another event using the North Entrance.
The Zero Waste International Alliance will host this meeting along with R07. 
The draft Agenda will include;
1.    ZWIA welcome and introductions
2.    Discussion on the contents of the agenda.
3.    Zero Waste update - Progress reports from each continent (ID Communities that have adopted Zero Waste as a goal; businesses that have achieved 90% diversion from landfills and incinerators; and policy initiatives adopted to advance Zero Waste)
4.    Identification of key zero waste issues that need help from ZWIA to resolve identification of barriers to success of zero waste programs
5.    Proposed global actions to remove barriers
6.    Next Steps for ZWIA
Please RSVP by August 23 2007 to Ricanthony@no.address of your intention to attend the meeting on September 2 in Davos.
We need to know how many meals to order.
Those who want to listen to the Web Cast  need to go to  from 10 -4 Swiss time to participate.

San Diego, California

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