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[GreenYes] Re: Recycled paper in trouble?

That's both fantastic and brilliant at the same time, Nancy. Thank

Although it might get kind of scary in here when the citizens of so
called "developing nations" demand to drive Corvettes and Cadillacs,
and Hum-Vees for that matter, and shop Wal*Mart. I think it won't
really matter if we're all riding bicycles here in the US, it will be
decades or centuries more of Earth pillaging.

It seems like we'd all be better off if we just try to use it all up
before somebody else gets to it. And I do suppose it would be nice and
fun to have muscle cars back in action.



Nancy Poh wrote:
> I think we have to learn from nature. When we eat and drink, we produce waste. Since "there will always be waste", maybe the best philosophy to work on is how best we can make use of it. In Singapore, to curtail their reliance of buying water from Malaysia, they have successfully treated sewage water to the point that it is safe to drink. In fact, for centuries, urine has been used as a traditional cure.

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