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[GreenYes] Re: The Death of Recycling?

Instead of starting a war on how recycling should be called or done, we
should work on creating something out of available low cost resources,
such as, waste and help humanity, I have some examples here:

Recycling padi straw to grow mushroom to create job for the needy

Create jobs for traditional weavers using plastic.

Give ideas on how waste can be used to make a living

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>That's both fantastic and brilliant at the same time, Nancy. Thank you,
>Although it might get kind of scary in here when the citizens of so
>called "developing nations" demand to drive Corvettes and Cadillacs,
>and Hum-Vees for that matter, and shop Wal*Mart. I think it won't
>matter if we're all riding bicycles here in the US, it will be decades
>or centuries more of Earth pillaging.
>It seems like we'd all be better off if we just try to use it all up
>before somebody else gets to it. And I do suppose it would be nice and
>fun to have muscle cars back in action.
>Nancy Poh wrote:
>> I think we have to learn from nature. When we eat and drink, we
>> produce waste. Since "there will always be waste", maybe the best
>> philosophy to work on is how best we can make use of it. In
>> to curtail their reliance of buying water from Malaysia, they have
>> successfully treated sewage water to the point that it is safe to
>> drink. In fact, for centuries, urine has been used as a traditional

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