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[GreenYes] Re: the Gandhi cycle of social change at work

Hey y'all,

I studied Planning, then I went to Business School, which I called Implementation School.

The best laid plans of mic and men.

It is my considered opinion that we need to evolve to a unified socialist business system, yet I recognize that this is not likely to happen. But the idea is concerned with implementing plans of, for, and by the people that honor and instill the notion of a triple bottom line for ALL communities, not just the single bottom line of a relative elite as we have today.

The problem is that most people get up in the morning and do something very similar to what they did the day before. In other words, at risk of understatement, there are entrenched interests. Before we can realize a radical reformation we have to recognize it. We need a vision. I am putting one forth. Can I have your support?

Workin' for peace and cooperation,

Mike Morin (aka Mohandas Lenino)
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I know I don't have the exact wording right, but it goes something like "First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they get mad at you, then they join you!"

I think this is a perfect example of Stage Three, eh?

Eric Lombardi

Thursday, 01 Mar 2007

Report damns push for zero waste in NZ
A report damning the Government's push for zero waste in New Zealand claims the goal is unachievable and too expensive for businesses and individuals alike.

The New Zealand Industrial and Economic Research report was commissioned by Business New Zealand specifically to look at the feasibility of the zero waste ideal.

Business New Zealand chief executive Phil O'Reilly said the report showed the Government's waste policy was "a nice thing to think about" but was difficult to achieve.

"It would massively expensive and you have to ask whether that is the best use of New Zealand's resources," he said.

The report cited the massive costs of transporting glass to Auckland for recycling as an example of how it was sometimes more cost-effective to simply dump waste.

Stopping short of estimating the actual cost of zero waste, Mr O'Reilly said the report exposed some "real illogicality" in the policy.

"The better way of thinking about this is get rid of waste until it costs you more than not (getting rid of it). That will lead you to a rational economic outcome."

Mr O'Reilly said there was a lot more room to reduce waste in the business and consumer communities, but zero waste was taking it "several steps too far".

Sustainable Business Network chief executive Rachel Brown said the report was "an excuse for doing nothing" and missed the point of zero waste.

"We should strive for it. We shouldn't say we can't do it today therefore we shouldn't have it."

The focus on recycling was the wrong way to think and was misleading businesses in the gains in rethinking their processes, she said.

"What we want to do is get businesses working at the top end, and so efficient that they are not creating waste in the first place."

Global leaders such as 3M and carpet company Interface had rejigged production processes and saved millions of dollars, Ms Brown said.

She said the Government needed to put more funding into driving reductions in waste.

"If they said, 'Here's a pot of money, with clear goals around reducing waste,' watch them (businesses) put their hands up," Ms Brown said.

"That is what we are experiencing and it says to me there is a real will in the business sector."

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