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[GreenYes] FW: [GreenYes] where is this data?

Eric, hope I am not just splitting hairs here, but what does the requesting
party mean by ?mandatory recycling?? I am trying to think of some examples
of full, straightforward recycling mandates in the US on particular
materials or products, and cannot recall one. Would the requesting party
include bottle bills as a ?recycling mandate?? If so, Pat Franklin and the
Container Recycling Institute have a good resource on that. Note: some of
those 11 states have also banned deposit-bearing containers from being taken
to landfills.

Most state laws and regulations if they mandate recycling will do so in
terms of a target, usually by material (such as glass or plastic resin) or
category (?rigid plastic containers?). Even then, recycling is often only
one of several options. For example, under Calif. law rigid plastic
containers (?RPPCs?) of between 8 fl. oz. and 5 gallons must either: achieve
a 25% recycling rate, contain 25% post-consumer material, be source reduced
by 10%, or be reusable. PET containers must achieve a 55% recycling rate
and for ?product-associated? containers (i.e. branded containers) a
recycling rate of 45% is mandated. If a target is not met, the CA
enforcement authority (CIWMB) can force manufacturers to certify that they
are complying with the law in one of six ways, including reduction in virgin
resin content, reuse, higher recycled content.

As for landfill bans, Massachusetts has the most comprehensive I know among
US states: it bans lead-acid batteries; yard waste; tires; white goods;
aluminum, metal or glass containers; single polymer plastics; recyclable
paper; CRTs (cathode ray tubes); wood; and C&D wastes (asphalt pavement,
brick and concrete). You read all about it at

Vermont also bans Vermont bans lead-acid, Ni-Cd, small sealed lead-acid and
non-consumer mercuric oxide batteries; waste oil; white goods; tires; paint;
paint thinner; stains; varnishes; and mercury-added products.
ction=06621a> &Chapter=159&Section=06621a

Michigan?s list:

Oregon?s list :

Nebraska?s list:


WVa bans yard waste, lead-acid batteries and tires. In fact, several states
ban yard waste and lead-acid batteries, but I seem to have misplaced the
list I once had on that.

According to EPA, 38 states ban tires from landfills.

A number of states have recently imposed landfill bans on mercury-containing
products. John must have a list of those.

In the last two or so years several states have banned CRTs or other WEEE
from landfills, but I don?t have a list at hand.

I know that in 2005 North Carolina banned plastic bottles and wooden pallets
from its landfills starting in 2009, and that Washington state banned
?delivering? recyclables to landfills.

Check § 130A-309.10 on this page:

Hope this helps.



Keith E. Ripley

Temas Actuales LLC

e-mail: keith.ripley@no.address


<> El Equipo Verde

Author of the book "Solid Wastes and Recycling Policy in Latin America & the


Environment & consumer policy news of Latin America & the Caribbean:

The environment laws/regulations of all Latin America & the Caribbean:

Musings about the evolution of policies on the environment, health and
consumer protection in Latin America & the Caribbean:


From: GreenYes@no.address [mailto:GreenYes@no.address] On Behalf
Of Eric Lombardi
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 2:59 PM
To: 'Greenyes'
Subject: [GreenYes] where is this data?

Greetings all,

I was asked yesterday in an email the following ? can anyone help?

?Where do I look to obtain the following information:

*** Which states have mandatory recycling, or landfill bans?

*** What are those laws and requirements? ?

If you have suggestions, please post to GreenYes since I think we could all
use this information,


Eric Lombardi

Executive Director/CEO

Eco-Cycle Inc

Boulder, CO. USA


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