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[GreenYes] Re: New SoCal Green Solutions Newsletter

I think you do not have to get a green grant in order to start a green
business. Women can consider staying home to do a home business and
homeschool their children. You save on fuel, the environment, and get a
chance to stay close to your love ones while they are still young enough
to appreciate you.

Then you can try joining these to get some funds

* Campbells Soup: Labels for Education Program
* Penguin/Putnam $1,000 College Scholarship Essay Contest
* Staples Teacher's Reward Program
* $1,000 International Visual Arts Contest

You can read the details off this link:

I am also look for ways that women can do a green business, preferably
from home. I read a news report that hair extensions are very popular in
US and hair strands from Asian Chinese and Indian are strong enough to
handle colour stripping and other steps it takes to match hair of
customers. This being the case, I think it would be a good idea to
encourage Asians, who tend to keep long tresses, to cut them and
generate a business out of it. Shorter hair means lesser pollution too
because you do not need as much shampoo and water to wash it.

Are there any other green business ideas other than selling eco friendly
product or creating product to sell out of unwanted unused material? I
would love to hear from you on this.

If you are still looking for green grant, trying doing a search on
"sustainable businesses". This is what I have
Grants Program: Sustainable Communities
$65 million in grants were made through the Sustainable Communities
program to mobilize diverse coalitions of business, community, and
government interests ... -

Check these out too. I extracted following from

NATURAL RESOURCES (do not know if the links are still valid)

Natural capitalism has fostered the growth of organizations dedicated to
environmental strategies that don't sacrifice profit:

* Business for Social Responsibility ( is an organization of
companies wishing to sustain success while retaining respect for people,
the environment and ethical values.

* Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economics ( is
a coalition of investors interested in companies promoting sound
environmental management.

* Co-Op America ( is a coalition of consumers and
small companies with social and environmental missions. The site has
hands-on tools and resources.

* The game Environmental Entrepreneur (
introduces managers to environmental planning. The Finnish game is
available from the Technology and Society group in Helsinki.

* Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) was started by entrepreneur Bob
Epstein for business owners who are concerned about the environment but
don't know how to focus their energies. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have
made the $1,000 donation to the Natural Resource Defense Council
required to join E2. Periodically, Epstein asks them to write letters or
to call influential individuals about environmental issues.


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>HI, this is a great website and wonderful resource! I am hoping to get
>my press release listed with you as well:) I did enter it!! I wonder
>are there any grants out there for women in green business?? ( I am in
>Colorado) or even a good business loan out there for us with not a
>huge rate?
>thank you and once again great site you have and super resource:)
>On Feb 27, 12:49 pm, Gary Liss <g...@no.address> wrote:
>> Apologies for Cross-Postings
>> >From: California Green Solutions <socalgr...@no.address>
>> >Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 11:01:20 -0800 (PST)
>> >Southern California Green Solutions Newsletter
>> >Connecting Southern California B-to-B Companies
>> >with Regional Green Solutions.
>> >----------
>> >Green PR:
>> >New Products
>> >& Services
>> >Submit your green news releases. It's free.
>> ><,content=133>Learn more.
>> >Regional Green Solution Seminars
>> >For B2B staff, prospects and clients. Learn and share your
>> ><,content=10>Learn More.
>> >Advertise B2B Green Products & Services
>> >Web, E-mail Newsletter, Print Newsletter & Seminars for B2B
>> >California companies.
>> >Learn more.
>> >Program Sponsorship
>> >Build the California outreach platform for green business success.
>> >Learn more.
>> ><,content=12>About
>> >California Green Solutions
>> >[]
>> ><>SoCalGreen
>> >[]
>> ><,content=17>Contact us
>> >[]
>> >Announcing a New Regional Green-Industry Publication and Seminar
>> >Thank You!
>> > From SoCal Nature Network to California Green Solutions... with
>> > your valued feedback, we have now solidified our green business
>> > model -- a cost-effective media and marketing platform that brings
>> > visibility to California's green, sustainable solutions. Thank you
>> > for your ongoing support...and we pledge our best in service and
>> > sustainable innovation to help green California!
>> >You are welcome (and encouraged!) to forward this newsletter to
>> >colleagues and friends.
>> >California Green Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a
>> >specialized, regional media and marketing solution that will tell
>> >the sustainable story to more than 10,000 companies in California --
>> >concentrating on Southern California.
>> >SoCal GREEN SOLUTIONS is a regional source of information, tools,
>> >and techniques about green products and services that can help you
>> >green your California business.
>> >SoCal Green Solutions saves SME companies money; connects green
>> >buyers and sellers, improves our environment, and strengthens
>> >quality of life for our families and communities.
>> >We encourage you to visit our website and read the articles that
>> >link directly to green suppliers. Also, please pass the word by
>> >forwarding this newsletter to colleagues!
>> >If you are not interested in greening Southern California you can
>> ><,&content=37>unsubscribe
>> >here, but we hope you won't because we want to connect you with
>> >helpful resouces to green our community!
>> >[]
>> >Green Media and Marketing for Southern California B-to-B Companies
>> >Let's get real. And let's get green. The reason successful business
>> >people will green their products and operations is results. Save
>> >money. Reduce risk. Sell more. Grow a more sustainable, more
>> >profitable business.
>> >We agree that the American free enterprise system gives business
>> >that mandate...and that structure. And we also know that good
>> >stewardship of our natural resources strengthens our neighborhoods,
>> >our families and our business and social communities. That's what
>> >green and sustainable business practices are about -- respecting the
>> >valuable role of business in providing the essentials of life
>> >support. We believe helping one another accomplish that goal is
>> >smart. Sustainable businesses support a system of environmental
>> >stability and business longevity.
>> >SoCal
>> >Integrated marketing and sales promotion includes a print
>> >newsletter; Web interactivity, e-mail outreach as well as sponsored
>> >B2B forums and tours to present new green technologies and solutions
>> >face-to-face.
>> >Reserve your advertising and event sponsorship today!
>> >Call Carolyn Allen, President of California Green Solutions at
>> >310-827-2510 for details or <>request a
>> >Media Kit online.
>> >California Green Solutions is a B-to-B media and marketing company
>> >that connects California businesses with buyers of green and
>> >sustainable products and services. By marketing our best green
>> >products and services locally, our business community can help cope
>> >with regional urbanization and our shared risk from climate change.
>> >Then we can better manage our role as one of the major hubs of world
>> >The "SoCal Green Solutions" regional business outreach platform
>> >gives you visibility in Southern California's marketplace of 18
>> >million people.
>> >Recent Articles on
>> ><,content=170>Planning
>> >Tools for Integrated Marketing and Sales Promotion Planning
>> >How does integrated marketing differ from traditional advertising
>> >and promotion?
>> ><,content=41>Southern
>> >California Public Garden Uses Sustainable Land Management Techniques
>> >Sustainable land management practices can succeed both on the small
>> >scale in your own backyard, and on a larger, estate scale.
>> ><,content=163>Competition,
>> >Cooperation, Collaboration...How we do business Should established
>> >businesses help new businesses? This study says yes...especially
>> >when those new businesses are small and in their immediate vicinity.
>> ><,content=157>A Call to
>> >Action: US Climate Action Partnership
>> >Big business has a big impact on the environment. New guidelines are
>> >being suggested by the USCAP climate action coalition.
>> >Not-for-Profit & Compliance Visibility
>> >The "SoCal Green Solutions" platform includes several ways to ensure
>> >balanced information and transparency.
>> >To support the best possible dialog, we include green business
>> >not-for-profit organizations and compliance experts in our
>> >platforms. Examples include a free rotating ad on our website, free
>> >news releases, and a free speaker's bureau spot in our B2B Forum
>> >programs.
>> ><,content=190>Check out
>> >the details here...and call Carolyn Allen to discuss your
>> >organization's green mission -- and how to get involved with "SoCal
>> >Green Sol
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