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[GreenYes] CRRA Call for Speakers Due 2-6-07; Conf: 7/29-8/1, 2007, San Pedro, CA

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>Call for Speakers
>The California Resource Recovery Association
>will be having
>31st Annual conference in San Pedro, California on July 29-August 1, 2007.
>CRRA is organizing the most comprehensive,
>informative, and thought-provoking conference
>dedicated to waste reduction and resource
>management issues in California. CRRA wants to
>bring cutting edge ideas and real experiences
>and lessons to its members and conference attendees.
>After much input from the members of CRRA, we
>are looking for qualified speakers, panelists,
>and roundtable leaders for the following subjects:
>?Zero Waste
>?Commercial Recycling
>?Product Stewardship
>?Reuse and Repair
>?Reducing Waste
>?Zero Waste Communities
>?Legislation, Regulations, & Laws
>?Bottle & Can Recycling
>?Disaster Planning
>?Green Building
>?Multifamily Recycling
>?Professional Development
>?Recycling in Rural Areas
>?Special Event Recycling
>?Homeless & Scavenging
>?College & University Recycling / Sustainability
>?Economics of Recycling
>?Environmental Benefits of Recycling
>?Construction & Demolition Reuse and Recycling
>?Recycling & Greenhouse Gases
>?Energy & Recycling
>?Universal Waste
>?Hazardous Waste
>?Recycling Markets
>?Market Development
>?Processing of Recyclables
>?Green Home Offices
>?Corporate EnvironmentalStrategies, Green
>Marketing Benchmarking & Reporting for Businesses
>?Zero Waste Business Success Stories
>There will be no subsequent Call for Papers.
>To initiate your participation, you are invited
>to fill out an on-line form via the web link below.
>You are also welcome to suggest a speaker for a
>particular subject via this process.
For more details, go to:

>*Please forward as appropriate

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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