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[GreenYes] Delhi Transco Limited to generate power from garbage

*Transco to generate power from garbage*

To solve problems of power shortage and garbage disposal

NEW DELHI: It is an ambitious project aimed at solving Delhi's twin problems
of power shortage and garbage disposal. The proposal to generate electricity
from garbage will not only provide the city an additional 30 MW of
electricity but also offer a solution to the problem of shrinking space for
landfills, says the Principal Secretary Power and Chairman-cum-Managing
Director of Delhi Transco Limited, Rakesh Mehta.

Promoted by DTL, the project is a joint venture between the Infrastructure
Leasing and Financial Services Limited (IL&FSL) and the Andhra Pradesh
Technical Development Corporation.

"Two companies have been set up, the Timarpur-Okhla Waste Management Company
and the Ghazipur Waste Management Company, to collect waste for the project
from South Delhi, North West Delhi and East Delhi. They will invite bids
from private institutions to set up two power plants for converting garbage
into power," said Mr. Mehta.

"The two power plants will consume 3,000 metric tonnes of garbage a day,
which is 50 per cent of what Delhi generates. So the project will offer a
solution to Delhi's garbage disposal problems as well," the Transco CMD

However, his claim that the technology will convert urban waste into power
without any damage to the environment stands refuted by environmentalists.

"The claims being made that the use of technology will earn carbon credits
is incorrect. The technology will lead to emission of greenhouse gases and
therefore becomes ineligible to earn carbon credits as per the Kyoto
Protocol," said Gopal Krishna of the Centre for Social Medicine and
Community Health at JNU and member of the Global Alliance for Incinerator

"Despite the failure of the same technology in Timarpur, the process of
setting up new power plants is under way." He added. "Researchers of waste
have pointed out that composting and recycling are better alternatives and
waste incineration encourages a one-way flow of material on a finite planet,
thus making the task of conserving resources and reducing waste more
difficult. Even the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 says it is a polluting

Dismissing the concerns, Mr. Mehta said: "We have studied the project in
detail and have also got a clearance certificate from the Ministry of
Environment. The technology will not only allow us to consume less fossils
to generate electricity but will also consume sewage water for running the
plants. The sewage water will be treated before use and then released into
the Yamuna. The technology will only help in conserving the environment".

The process for inviting bids for setting up the power plants will begin
soon. "As per the contract, the plants will have to be set up within 18
months of inviting bids. Power generation should start some time in June
2008," Mr. Mehta said.

While the land for setting up the power plants has been identified, the
Municipal Corporation of Delhi has agreed to supply garbage free of charge.

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has also fixed a price of Rs.
3.50 per kW per hour for sale of power generated from these plants to the
power distribution companies.

The Hindu, 27 January, 2007

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