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[GreenYes] Californian firm to recycle e-waste in Mexico

Hmm, what do Greenyesers think? The start of a positive trend,
or are there downsides to this arrangement not mentioned by
Governator's PR guys?

>From the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth:

Electronic Recyclers of America Launches Joint Venture With
Azcarraga Family to Recycle Mexican Electronic Waste

California's largest recycler of electronic waste and the family
that founded Mexican television network, Televisa, today
announced they have formed Electronic Recyclers International
(ERI), a Mexican joint venture to recycle millions of pounds of
Mexican e-waste.

Fresno, California-based Electronic Recyclers of American and an
investment fund owned by the Azcarraga family signed their joint
venture agreement at the California Environmental Expo in
Monterrey, organized by the California Commission for Jobs and
Economic Growth as part of Governor Schwarzenegger's two-day
Mexico trade mission.

The Azcarraga family will invest an estimated $15 million USD in
ERI, which plans to construct an e-waste processing plant in
Mexico and begin operations sometime in 2007. ERI also plans
regional transfer stations around Mexico to collect, sort and
ship e-waste to its central processing plant. Each of these
facilities will employ up to several hundred Mexicans.

As rapid technological advances render computers, cellphones and
other consumer electronics obsolete, hundreds of millions of
pounds of e-waste are accumulating in landfills every year. Many
of these products contain harmful materials, such as mercury and
lead, which can leach into groundwater as components decompose.
Most contains metals, plastics and glass that are easily ground
up, smelted and re-used if they are processed using proper

Electronic Recyclers of America is on track to recycle about 50
million of the 100 million pounds of Californian e-waste recycled
this year. Electronic Recyclers International expects to recycle
up to 120 million pounds of Mexican e-waste after it has ramped
to full capacity.

"When Governor Schwarzenegger worked to implement the law
promoting e-waste recycling, he helped launch a new industry and
guaranteed California's lead in the e-waste recycling business,"
said John Shegerian, CEO of Electronic Recyclers.

"Governor Schwarzenegger's trade mission to Mexico is focusing
Mexico's federal, state and local leadership on the need to keep
e-waste out of landfills," Shegerian said.

During the trade mission, Shegerian and other Electronic
Recyclers representatives met with representatives from several
Mexican states interested in hosting the ERI processing plant and
transfer stations.

"Electronic Recyclers of America is another great example of
California enviro-tech companies proving that protecting our
environment is good business," said Mark Mosher, executive
director the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth,
which organized the two-day California Environmental Expo.

The Jobs Commission ( <> )
is a 501c4 nonprofit dedicated to promoting California as a place
to invest, do business, visit and buy world-class products and
services. Its board includes the Governor, his top economic
advisor and leaders from California business, academia, labor and


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Temas Actuales LLC

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Author of the book "Solid Wastes and Recycling Policy in Latin
America & the Caribbean"


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