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[GreenYes] Just Added! Rebranding Campaign and New Sessions

JUST ANNOUNCED! Monday's Opening Plenary Session and More at NRC's 25th
Annual Congress & Expo October 22-25, 2006 ~ Atlanta, Georgia


Online pre-registration (save 15%) ends Friday, October 13.

After 10/13, register onsite at the Georgia World Congress Center.


NRC to Launch Campaign to "Rebrand Recycling" at Congress & Expo

Over the last few years, NRC Congress & Expo attendees have learned about
NRC's consumer research showing widespread support for recycling among
Americans. However, without a consistent and compelling national
pro-recycling campaign aimed at consumers, citizens remain confused about
what and how to recycle and our national recycling rate remains stagnant.

To maximize participation in recycling, NRC Executive Director Kate Krebs
will announce at the 25th Annual Congress & Expo Opening Plenary Session the
official launch of NRC's national rebranding initiative. In a historic
partnership with leading public and private organizations, NRC will roll-out
a nationwide campaign to inspire and move consumers to make recycling a
vital and natural part of their daily lives. After opening remarks, Congress
attendees will learn details about the first phase the national rollout and
how our Coalition will put the value back in the chasing arrows.

Don't miss this historic announcement. Pre-Register for the Congress & Expo
this week!



Fact and Fiction of Bio-based Plastics: Understanding the Recycling and
Environmental Implications of PLA

PLA is a new material that offers an alternative to petroleum-based
plastics. But with that alternative comes a key question from recycling

professionals: Can this material be managed cost-efficiently within the
existing recycling and composting infrastructure, or will the infrastructure
need to be augmented to effectively recover this material? Panelists will
present research that is underway to address this important issue, and
provide an opportunity for the recycling community to better understand the
implications of this new product for recycling and the environment.

This Wednesday morning session will be moderated by Scott Vitters, The
Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta, GA) and will feature Brian Glasbrenner,
NatureWorks LLC (Minneapolis, MN); Matt Cotton, U.S. Composting Council
(Nevada City, CA); and Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle (Boulder, CO).

Get more info and register at



NRC and America Recycles: The Power of Brand Convergence

Join America Recycles coordinators from around the country for this
informative session on how America Recycles is evolving and how best to
capitalize on the convergence of the America Recycles and NRC brands.

Learn about the critical role America Recycles will play in the campaign to
Rebrand Recycling in America. Share in group discussions about strategies to
make America Recycles the most effective, farthest reaching recycling and
buy recycled consumer awareness campaign in the country. Learn the latest
about program successes and future possibilities. Hear from other
coordinators about what works (and doesn't work) in their state. This
Tuesday morning session will be moderated by NRC's Anjia Nicolaidis and
Jimmy O'Connor.

Get more info and register at

Michael Alexander

Director of Policy and Research

National Recycling Coalition

P.O. Box 97

Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

(802) 254-3338

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