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[GreenYes] Re: Computer Recycling

Hi Colleen,

While the transportation costs for rural programs (like those we
service in northern VT and NH) might seem prohibitive, we have found
that it's a lot easier to site a trailer. Once the material is in a
trailerload quantity, the transport cost really isn't that high (per
unit) and may even be offset by lower overhead. Getting the full load
together gets easier if you include TVs (which the computer OEMs are
not taking). You may be able to find a local truck driver who has a
back-haul to use your trailer (we backhaul even more electronics from
the cities to create more jobs in our rural area).

In 2005 Vermont had the 2nd highest per capita electronics diversion in
the USA, in the 2nd most rural environment.Colleen wrote:

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