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[GreenYes] Re: Biosolidsa Plasma Redux think economy of scale DOWN

Lake Co 200,000 population could do the Plasma Redux with ease using the
Westinghouse Plasma Torches.

Using Low Voltage, DC and w/o internal heat sink the inventor made his first
unit office size like a trash compactor.

The Heat sink roller makes the unit significantly more efficient and allows
process to include LIQUIDS without exploding. Liquid hits F 2000 and it
expands rapido.

Operationally one unit can do 1000 lb. of medical waste per hr uses 440 3
phase line power and ZERO water.

One unit is roughly 6 feet tall 5 feet wide and 6 feet long and exception of
chamber heatsink rollers and torches its built entirely from mass produced
commercial parts available from WW Granger catalog.

6 yards of medical waste glass body parts, plastics rubber gloves paper
disposables yields 2,000,000 Btu OF WASTE HEAT. Which sure will warm a large
hospital in winter? With evaporative chillier possibly even AC it.

What is left over after redux can be made directly into motor fuels gasoline
Diesel and some really activated carbon.

By reduction of atmospheric pressure on water F 212 boiling points are
significantly lowered and applied to sewer water waste of a hospital SWS waters
can be distilled into pure distilled water and the solids that are elements can

This is what US DOE Vision 21 thought about but could not engineer.

What is really neat is this cheap small scale improved Plasma process
significantly changes the existing cost models on labor and transportation of waste
that is currently being curbside and dumpster recycled.

The internal flow design lends itself to space travel and gravity free
environments as well.

Please visit Westinghouse Plasma and see outcomes what they achieved with
their torch system. Then imagine doing it 400 times cheaper in a device the
size of a refrigerator initial capital investment and with homeowner line
current not unline that used for a Ac unit.

Power supplies are adapted Mig Welders!


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