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[GreenYes] Re: Science of definition Monica has made a good point

Please let us review current basic HS chemistry text and one in physics.

Incineration: is...

Plasma is: 4th state of matter:

Molecular disassociation by high heat is defined as:

Our Earth's SUN is not an incinerator but a nuclear reaction

Matter or enegy cannot be created or destroyed ...
someone important said that once .

FACT What you do with high concentrated heat is convert waste matter to
energy and its elemental form by molecular disassociation causeed by high order
heat not oxidation.

What is more important is that such a method is potentially exponentially
cheaper , cleaner and substantially more earth friendly than traditional
recycles which involve sorting and handling.

And it is more politically do able because it is a very profitable
investment for everyone with waste to get rid of.

So in conclusion mayn I suggest Meaningful informed Discussion is best done
with International Scientific RECOGNIZED REFERENCES not political musings
and technically inaccurate assumptions of the scientifically uninformed or

Let discuss!

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