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[GreenYes] Re: Mining Closed Landfil sites More than just a concern

In mining OLD landfills that were unlined in Fla until the last 20 years or
so and not well site monitored there are all sorts of nasty surprises.
Mercury containing waste, Bio Hazardous Medical Waste, PCB waste, lead, friable
asbestos containing materials, medical sharps, pesticides long ago outlawed and
Dioxin containing " things" The methane is pretty well gone after 20 years I
was told by my County landfill folks.

And a couple of items more. Plasma as used in St Lucie will make lots of
glass type residue with the sand mix and that adds nothing to the energy
efficiency of the process. Iron nickel and steel also are radioactively charged in a
Westinghouse style of plasma funace reaction according to one of my
Experienced Plasma Physics advisors.

I have NEVER seen the NRC Test Protocol results of radioactivity test on
excessive amounts of nickel, steel or iron melted in MSW although GM used the
Westinghouse Plasma process for remelting iron castings. First industrial US
Commerical Application of the process.

Then there is the matter of the NEW leachette when it rains.

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